DeKaha DeFi Business

STAGE: On-development

The DeKaha DeFi Business wallet infrastructure can provide a comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to leverage the benefits of the blockchain ecosystem.

By offering multi-business setup, multi-role permission security, and generating exact payment requests, it can provide enterprises with a more efficient and secure way to manage their finances.

Additionally, business analytics powered by blockchain mechanisms and data can provide valuable insights and transparency for stakeholders. The immutable transaction records can help solve issues related to trust and security, providing a more trustworthy and engaged community.

The secured withdrawal layers, transferable business ownership, and self-custody infrastructure can provide flexibility and control for enterprises, ultimately leading to a more engaged and loyal community.

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Overall, the DeKaha DeFi Business wallet infrastructure can provide a valuable tool for enterprises looking to embrace the benefits of the blockchain ecosystem.

According to a report by Deloitte:

DeFi could potentially offer enterprises significant advantages over traditional financial services in terms of efficiency, innovation, inclusion, and resilience. The report estimates that DeFi could generate up to $24 billion in annual revenue by 2025. Another report by ConsenSys suggests that DeFi could unlock $800 billion worth of value for enterprises by 2030.

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