Industry Competition

Altswitch operates in the rapidly growing and dynamic market of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The global cryptocurrency market size is valued at around 800 million and is projected to grow to 1.9 billion by 2028, driven by increased adoption and integration of digital assets into traditional financial systems. The market for crypto cross-border payments is also projected to reach $2.15 billion by 2030, highlighting the significant opportunity for Altswitch's cross-border payment solutions.

The key trend in the cryptocurrency market is the shift towards decentralized finance, where individuals and businesses can access financial services without relying on centralized intermediaries. This presents a significant opportunity for Altswitch to build a decentralized ecosystem of apps and services, including a wallet infrastructure tailored for enterprise solutions while remaining decentralized with better security and maintaining self-custody of their assets.

Altswitch's main competitors are other blockchain-based payment solutions and DeFi platforms such as Ripple, Stellar, and Ethereum. However, Altswitch differentiates itself from its competitors through its focus on enterprise-grade solutions, its decentralized rebate system that benefits its enterprises and holders on the ecosystem, and its affiliate program, which incentivizes community-driven promotion of the ecosystem.

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