Token - ALTX

The ALTX token is positioned as not just a great store of value, but also as the ideal form of payment for businesses due to its powerful integration of incentives for its holders and ecosystem.

The following are its major token capabilities: (Click to drop-down)

Cashback Decentralized System

A cashback decentralized system using ALTX as a payment method within the ecosystem can incentivize users to transact and stay loyal to the ecosystem, ultimately leading to an increase in customer retention and attracting new users.

Universal Rewards

Generating rewards of your choice from the volume of token transactions and revenue can passively incentivize users to trade within the ecosystem and hold the tokens, which creates a network effect and makes the ecosystem more valuable.


Implementing a governance token when the ecosystem becomes a DAO can create a more democratic and transparent decision-making process, increasing trust and community involvement.

Fixed supply & Deflationary

Implementing a fixed supply and deflationary mechanism can increase the token's value by creating scarcity and incentivizing users to hold the tokens, creating a more stable and valuable ecosystem for users.

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