The AltSwitch team is composed of unique individuals who are experts in their respective fields. They have proven, successful track records. Each one was handpicked and gathered by the CEO, who shared the future of AltSwitch and its opportunity to solve the status quo of centralization. The fact that they are part of the team means they have seen the vision of what AltSwitch will be in the future and how significant it will be on the Web 3.


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Experienced professional with a background in Legal Management and Finance. Involved in the cryptocurrency industry for over 5 years, with participation in successful startups. Keynote speaker at leading blockchain and cryptocurrency events. Oversees company vision, overall operations, product architecture, and stakeholder interactions.

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

Experienced marketer driving brand growth across diverse industries like hospitality, tourism, cosmetics, crypto, and blockchain. Expert in content creation, strategic campaigns, and social media management, building a positive reputation, and engaging audiences through keynote lectures and networking events. Founder of digital marketing agency MK Social Hub.

Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder

Skilled designer with a degree in Design and Digital Arts. Specializing in web design, particularly blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Leads the overall visual materials, product design, and UI/UX integration of Altswitch. Also the design partner of his Co-Founders' other businesses.

Solidity Developer & Founding Member

A pro-active problem-solver that strategically blends his passion and creativity with his technical expertise. Experienced in mechanical system design, data science, machine learning, web development, sales & marketing, IoT supply chain, blockchain technology, DApp and smart contract development, quantum computing, and qiskit programming. Passionate and enjoy keeping up with the latest technologies and innovations. IBM Blockchain Strategist. Creator of Zoociety.

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