Multi-Yield Locks

STAGE: On-development

Multi-Yield Deposit is a lock contract with two types of yield that can provide users with a flexible earning option, allowing them to earn both short-term and long-term yields simultaneously.

By staking $ALTX, users can earn more $ALTX, creating a long-term incentive to hold the tokens. Additionally, through the Universal Rewards Protocol, users can receive their chosen reward tokens based on the volume fees of transactions, providing a short-term incentive for users to stake their tokens.

This can help increase user engagement and loyalty, ultimately leading to the growth of the ecosystem. Additionally, the flexibility of the staking option can help solve issues related to user retention, as it provides users with multiple ways to earn rewards and stay engaged with the ecosystem while increasing its value over time.

Its Strategic Purpose

To preserve the tokens bought by presale investors to encourage long term holding since they are the foundation of this vision while keeping them incentivize with the following yields:

  1. Long Term Yield

    1. Locks ALTX tokens earns XX APY gains of ALTX tokens

    2. The reward token is ALTX

    3. Gains and capital can only be withdrawn once the lock period is done (Ex. Vesting 10% per quarter).

  2. Short Terms Yield

    1. Locks ALTX tokens earns dynamic yield % based on volume of exchange transactions (buy/sell)

    2. The reward token is customizable to any preferred asset

    3. Gains can be withdrawn anytime there's an accumulated balance of chosen assets.

      1. This is the part to be developed, “Withdraw” all assets from the contract except for ALTX.


  1. Project Owners

    1. Self-service capability, fully decentralized.

    2. Allows them to incentivize the tokens locked with Long Term Yield.

    3. Encourages its community to lock their investments because of its incentives; the longer they lock, the stronger the price floor.

    4. Ability to utilize reflection-type tokens to earn dividends while being locked through Short Term Yield.

  2. Community Token Holders

    1. Earns more tokens simply by locking tokens.

    2. Self-service capability, fully decentralized.

    3. Earns dividends if the tokens locked has reward fees.

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