Core Values

What embodies the Altswitch's character


Our team believes in authenticity, in our goals, the way we operate, and the way we interact with the community. You can trust that our intentions will always be to better the community and to innovate in the spirit of convenience and sustainability.


AltSwitch as a project and as a cryptocurrency is a thesis on community empowerment through a circular economic model that rewards its investors not only for holding the token but also for incorporating and adopting it in peer-to-peer, consumer-to-business, and business-to-business transactions. We aim to be a foundational pioneer in proving not only the token’s use case but also its potential to establish an alternate universe in the Metaverse.


Transparency is integral and should be at the core of any cryptocurrency. We will strive to provide the most access to the community about our milestones, progress, and achievements as we innovate and improve for its benefit.


We value security as one of, if not the top concern for any individual or party that participates in crypto. Our Anti Whale Dump technology protects investors from malicious market manipulation practices that may trigger erratic volatility in the market. We are also set to be audited by reputable auditing entities in the space such as Certik for our smart contract.


Constant expansion as an indicator of growth is a guiding principle of the project. The team aims to be a key platform for solution providers and eventually a key figure in the establishment of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.


The team makes and will continue to make its innovative and integral decisions with its guiding principles and values at the center. The community and its investors can rest assured that we will continue to operate in this manner as the project continues to grow and reach its goals.


Technology is the central mechanism that drives AltSwitch as a cryptocurrency, and as such, we will constantly be on the lookout to adopt any beneficial improvements in the space to provide the most ease of access and use.


The long-term direction of the project is to be a platform for solution-based providers on the blockchain, with AltSwitch as the governing token that drives its digital economy. In line with this are our customer-centric values, according to which we aim to provide a world-class user experience with the most security and ease of accessibility for its users.


With all the technology that surrounds the project and its day-to-day operations, our team constantly keeps in mind that we do it for the advancement and empowerment of humanity; transcending past borders, race, or nationality. We would like to dedicate our work to improving the overall human experience. We care for our kind; after all, we are, at our root, one race; the human race.

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