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Altswitch's Cross-border Payments Opportunity with DeKaha

The payments market has been shaken recently, from frictionless national payments in the retail segment to smooth cross-border payments for companies. The B2B segment currently covers 96% of all global cross-border payments volumes. Even though some new unicorn players have gained serious market shares with their offerings


MarketsPercentageVolume/y in USDScope

TAM Total Available Market


150 Trillion

Global Cross Border Payments

SAM Serviceable Available Market


4 Trillion

Global Cross Border Payments using cryptocurrency


Serviceable Obtainable Market


932 Billion

Global Cross Border Payments on APAC

Conservative Serviceable Obtainable Market


1.5 Billion

Global Cross Border Payments in Philippines

It is measured in Volume of transactions because DeKaha's primary business model is "Transactional".

According to EY – a global accountant and consultancy firm – the total global cross-border payment flows will reach USD 156 trillion this year, of which they estimate USD 150 trillion to come from B2B transactions.

The market for AltSwitch presents a substantial revenue opportunity due to several key factors. Firstly, AltSwitch targets the global market for cross-border payments, which is already valued at trillions of dollars. With the increasing globalization of businesses and individuals seeking efficient and cost-effective ways to transact internationally, the demand for innovative solutions like AltSwitch is on the rise.

Geographically, AltSwitch has the potential to cater to a broad market, as cross-border payments are a universal requirement for businesses and individuals worldwide. While the initial focus may be on specific regions, the scalable nature of AltSwitch's product allows for expansion into new geographies as the business grows.

The market for cross-border payments is growing rapidly, driven by the increasing adoption of e-commerce, globalization of businesses, and the rise of digital currencies. According to industry reports, the global cross-border payments market is projected to reach trillions of dollars in value in the coming years, indicating the immense revenue potential for AltSwitch.

Furthermore, recent developments in the financial industry, such as the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the increasing acceptance of blockchain technology, create favorable conditions for AltSwitch's solution. The growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the need for secure, efficient, and borderless payment solutions position AltSwitch at the forefront of this transformative market trend.

In summary, AltSwitch operates in a large and rapidly expanding market for cross-border payments, offering a solution that addresses the pain points of businesses and individuals seeking seamless, secure, and cost-effective international transactions. With its global reach, scalable product, and alignment with market trends, AltSwitch is poised to capture a significant share of the growing revenue opportunity in this space.


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