ALTX Ecosystem

Overview of the underlying magic ✨

Altswitch's Ecosystem Flow is a comprehensive, circular economic model designed to benefit all stakeholders within the ecosystem. When an investor buys the ALTX token, they can use it to consume services provided by businesses within the ecosystem. These businesses, in turn, receive the tokens as payments, and the revenue generated from these transactions contributes to the rewards distributed among all token holders. Additionally, when a business owner sells the token, a portion of the fees also go toward rewards for the token holders.

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There are three main players in the ecosystem:

  • the Investor, who buys the token;

  • the Consumer, who uses the token within the ecosystem for various services; and

  • the Enterprise, who accepts the token as payment and may sell it later to convert it back into traditional finance.

The rewards given to token holders in the ecosystem are influenced by three factors:

  • Buying ALTX

  • Selling ALTX; and

  • Revenue generated from the decentralized apps and services.

The ALTX token can be utilized in various ways within the decentralized apps and services offered by Altswitch.

  • Token holders can participate in the ecosystem's governance through the DAO infrastructure,

  • Use the token as a form of payment for enterprises with the wallet infrastructure, and benefit from the decentralized cashback system.

  • Store of value by holding it while it passively accumulates rewards.

The rewards token enables holders to receive passive income in the form of their chosen on-chain tokens through Altswitch's circular economic model.

Other apps and services in the ecosystem include an AI-integrated dashboard, multi-yield deposit, and the wallet infrastructure featuring the self-custody soft wallet, Dekaha, and AltHardwallet. This infrastructure is complemented by APIs that enable fiat and crypto conversions, and the Dekaha DeFi Business a wallet infrastructure designed for enterprises.

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