Alt Hardwallet

STAGE: On-development

The Alt Hardwallet, an award winning product in the Future Innovation Summit's 2022 Startup Olympics has the potential to solve real-world problems related to security, convenience, and personality in the blockchain ecosystem.

By implementing biometrics, such as fingerprint authentication, it can provide users with a more convenient and secure way to transact their blockchain assets. Additionally, the inclusion of an OLED screen to display owned NFTs can provide users with a more personalized and visually appealing experience that would define them as owners.

Key User-Benefits:

  • Ergonomic Form Factor

  • Seamless User Interface

  • Confidence through its Durable form factor

  • 100x faster authentication through Biometrics-Grade Security

  • Multi-Layer Encryption

  • Injected Keys Encryption

  • Vast Digital Asset Integrations (Navigation on DeKaha Softwallet)

  • Strategic Partnerships for its Limited Editions

  • customizability of its materials

  • Displays your wallet owned NFTs through its OLED Touchscreen

Finally, the implementation of injected encryption can provide users with an added layer of security, ensuring that the wallet is freshly generated and not compromised during the delivery process.

The Alt Hardwallet is an encrypting device that will initially store and secure blockchain keys; in the future, as the trend goes wide for digitalization, it will also be the same device that can address digital security for physical device storage of different digital keys for your car, house, and IoT devices.

Overall, the Alt Hardwallet has the potential to provide users with a more secure, convenient, and personalized experience when it comes to managing their cryptocurrency assets.

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