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Executive Summary

For executives or Investors
Altswitch is a blockchain-based company that develops products with a decentralized ecosystem of services and apps, including a crypto payment infrastructure and a wallet ecosystem designed for businesses and regular people, fully peer-to-peer. The global cryptocurrency market is expected to reach $1.9 billion by 2028 (Fortune Business Insights), with increasing demand for decentralized payment solutions and borderless transactions. A wallet infrastructure, tailored for enterprise solutions while staying decentralized with better security and maintaining self-custody of assets. We enable businesses to accept all on-chain cryptocurrencies and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology for real-time cross-border payment settlements while addressing the concerns of volatility for enterprises with an auto-conversion mechanism. Transforming the meeting point of consumers and businesses from a tedious multistep process into a single-step, user-friendly integration. The market size for cross-border payments is projected to reach $2.3 trillion by 2023. Altswitch's native token ALTX is designed with a decentralized hard-coded cashback system, providing an exclusive benefit to enterprises and holders of our ecosystem. A bootstrap Startup funded by community investors who have invested in token, $ALTX, and angel investors on the equity side. With strong community support and early adoption of our platform as evidence of its potential revenue-generating capabilities. It plans to expand its reach by partnering with leading merchants such as those generating revenue from E-commerce, Freelancing and more. Expanding into emerging markets with high demand for cross-border payment solutions.